The Niagara SPCA has created a 2018 calendar featuring local children and their rescued pets. This is our 3rd year of production, and every year, this effort becomes more popular and more financially successful for us! 

The price of the calendar is $10.  Because of our sponsors, every penny of the printing has been paid for so every penny from the sales comes to us!  Also, all of the professional photographers donated their time to create these wonderful photos.

The funds realized from the sales help us to house, feed, medicate and re-home the animals residing in our no kill shelter.  And because we have made a commitment to the no kill philosophy, we are always overcrowded, understaffed and poor! Projects like our calendar help us immensely!

Buy your 2018 Niagara SPCA Kids and Their Rescue Pets Calendar here.

Calendar + shipping included

Kids and Their Rescue Pets

2018 Niagara SPCA Calendar

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