Niagara County SPCA

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Niagara County SPCA

          A No-Kill Animal Shelter in Niagara Falls, NY

  ​Donna Shepherd
 Term expires 2020
     ​Nick Pelosino
 Term expires 2020
    Jennifer Pitarresi
   ​Term expires 2019
      Dan Scully
    Vice President 
 Term expires 2020

    Jennifer Ruggiero
     Term expires 2020

  Dr. Denise Callari
  Term expires 2018
         Bryan Barish
​       Term expires 2018

    Bob Richardson
 Term expires 2020

Our Directors

Amy Lewis

I often call the Niagara County SPCA the 'little shelter that could'. Despite a tight budget and a staff of only 25, we have achieved incredible things in a short period of time. The shelter made the decision to become a No-Kill facility in July of 2012 and just four months later we achieved it and have continued to work hard to give each animal a second chance at the life they deserve. 

In July of 2013, we brought a surgical trailer to the shelter so that we could preform surgical sterilization of cats and dogs onsite for the first time ever. We not only spay and neuter SPCA animals, but work with local rescue groups and community cat caretakers to assist them in controlling the cat population in Niagara County.

This just proves that together we can achieve great things and I look forward to continuing to work with my community to care for the homeless animals in Niagara County for years to come.

Life at the Niagara County SPCA

A Note from the Executive Director