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Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Stray Viewing Hours

Monday 12:00pm -8:00pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Thursday 12:00pm -8:00pm
Friday 10:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Adoption Locations

SPCA of Niagara
2100 Lockport Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
PetSmart #2231
5722 South Transit Road
Lockport, NY 14094

Adoption Fees

Kittens up to 6 months of age
Cats 6 months - 3 years of age
Cats 3 years - 8 years of age
The adoption fee is waived for cats over 8 years of age.
Puppies up to 6 months of age
Dogs 6 months to 3 years of age
The adoption fee is waived for dogs over 10 years of age.
The adoption fee varies for exotics, birds and small animals depending on the type, breed, age, and condition.

What's Included

  • Your new best friend
  • Spay and Neuter surgery for cats and dogs
  • Vaccinations appropriate for the age of the animal
  • A general dewormer to eliminate intestinal parasites
  • Flea control that provides protection for 30 days from application
  • A microchip for cats and dogs
  • A certificate for a free veterinary exam at any participating veterinary clinic
  • 30 days of free Sheltercare Health Insurance with a valid email address

Payment of adoption fees

The SPCA of Niagara accepts cash, check and credit card. All major credit cards accepted

What you have to bring with you when you adopt

The SPCA of Niagara requires photo identification with current address. If the address on the photo ID is not current or the photo ID does not include an address, another form of proof is required. A piece of mail or a vehicle registration will be accepted. We will take payment for the adoption at the time of the adoption. Please plan on spending time with your new friend prior to adopting him or her. You definitely want to meet your roommate before you allow him or her to move in! Please allow time for the adoption paperwork to be processed as well. Evening hours and weekends tend to be the busiest time.

Research before adopting

Before going to an animal shelter and picking out your new friend it is important to consider what type of friend you are looking for. Are you looking for a high energy breed that will go running or hiking with you? Are you looking for a good old hound dog that will lay at your feet as you watch late night t.v.? Doing a little bit of pre adoption research can assure that you and Fido get as much out of your life together as possible. Secondly, look at your current living situation to determine what breed or age of animal might fit into your lifestyle. You will want to look at the time spent away from home/how long your new pal will spend by himself. Also consider the age of the people that live in your home. Do you have young children that may be easily knocked over if a larger, more rambunctious dog were to jump on them? These are all things to consider before committing to adoption.

After you see a cat or dog that you are interested in

If you see a dog that you would like to spend some time with, please see a counselor at the front desk. He or she will call an animal attendant who will assist you in getting the dog out of his or her kennel so that you may get to know him or her. A cat room volunteer will assist you in getting a cat out of his or her cage so that you may spend some time with him or her.

The Adoption Process

After you've found the perfect pet for you, a counselor will assist you in the paperwork process. If your new pet is not already spayed or neutered, he or she will be sent to a local veterinary clinic the next business day for surgery. Pick-up will be the following day. Placing a hold on an animal If you find an animal that you think you might want to welcome into your home, but would like him or her to meet another member of your family whether human or canine, you may place a hold on that animal. A hold requires a $30 cash deposit and will hold the animal for 24 hours. A meet and greet will be conducted by one of our onsite behavior counselors if the meet and greet involves another dog or dogs in your home. The SPCA of Niagara does not conduct cat/cat or cat/dog meet and greets. If you choose to adopt your new friend, the deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee. If you choose not to adopt, you will receive a refund or a credit toward a future adoption or a hold. If you allow the hold to expire without notifying the shelter, the SPCA of Niagara will retain the deposit and consider it a donation. The SPCA of Niagara, at this time, does not permit holds for any other reason. Breed request program The SPCA of Niagara's Pet Alert program will assist you in finding the perfect pet for you. For $100 the SPCA of Niagara will put you on a list for a specific breed or a specific age of animal. You will receive a phone call when an animal matching that description is made available for adoption. You will have 24 hours from the time of the call to come in and meet the pet. If you decide that it isn't love at first sight, the animal will be made available for general adoption and your name will go back on the call list. If you find your perfect match, $25 of the Pet Alert fee will be applied toward the adoption and you will be removed from our call list.

Charlotte Receives Life-Saving Surgery 

Little Charlotte came to the Niagara County SPCA on Saturday October 6, 2012 and was in rough shape indeed. She had just given birth to several puppies and had begun to loose blood at what her owner perceived as an alarming rate. Charlotte's owner, not having the resources to provide her with the emergency care she needed, knew he could turn to the Niagara County SPCA to help this sweet girl.

The shelter sent an Animal Rescue Driver to pick Charlotte up at her home and rushed her to an emergency vet where she received an examination  and it was determined that she would need immediate surgery to mend her prolapsed uterus and ultimately save her life.

Charlotte is now resting comfortably at the Niagara County SPCA and is awaiting a foster home to complete her healing in. This type of scenario is one that occurs often. Emergencies arise and then a guardian or caretaker cannot afford emergency care, they will often turn to an animal shelter or SPCA to save the life of their beloved pet. Thankfully, Charlotte is one of the lucky ones and is alive today thanks to the Niagara County SPCA and it's many wonderful donors.

Please help us fund Charlotte's surgery by clicking on "Chip In"!


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Your generous donation to the Niagara County SPCA will provide the necessary medical treatment, housing and care for the thousands of animals admitted to the shelter yearly. The Niagara County SPCA is a privately owned not for profit organization that does not receive federal, state or county funding. We rely on donations from donors like you to care for the homeless animals of Niagara County. With your support you will help the Niagara County SPCA save lives, stop cruelty and bring hope to others in your community.

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