The little shelter that could

When you find the right one

If you see a dog that you would like to spend some time with, please see a counselor at the front desk.  He or she will call an animal attendant or volunteer who will assist you in getting the dog out of his or her kennel so that you may get to know him or her.

A cat room volunteer will assist you in getting a cat out of his or her cage so that you may spend some time with him or her.

Holding an animal to meet a family member and breed requests- read here

The Adoption Process

After you've found the perfect pet for you, a counselor will assist you in the paperwork process.  If your new pet is not already spayed or neutered, he or she will need to be sent for surgery.  Your adoption counselor will let you know when you can pick up the new addition to your family.

Researching Breed

Before adopting your new friend, it is important to consider what type of companion you are looking for.  Are you looking for a high energy breed that will go running or hiking with you?  Are you looking for a good old hound dog that will lay at your feet as you watch late night t.v.?  Doing a little bit of pre adoption research can assure that you and Fido get as much out of your life together as possible.  Secondly, look at your current living situation to determine what breed or age of animal might fit into your lifestyle.  You will want to look at the time spent away from home/how long your new pal will spend by himself.  Also consider the age of the people that live in your home.  Do you have young children that may be easily knocked over if a larger, more rambunctious dog were to jump on them?  These are all things to consider before committing to adoption.