Think adoption first!

August 15, 2017
Dog Abandoned Near RR Tracks in Niagara Falls

Poor Cadence (name given by SPCA staff) was brought in by NFPD in the early morning hours after she was found abandoned, tied to a pole near 24th Street/Fairfield Avenue by the railroad tracks in Niagara Falls. CSX staff found her at approximately 2:30am and called the police. "Cadence is one of the most loving dogs we have ever met and we can't imagine who would dump this sweet girl" said Officer Zaninovich, Cruelty Investigator and Animal Rescue Supervisor for the Niagara SPCA. It is clear that after her usefulness to her owners ran out (producing puppies), she was discarded.

Cadence was examined  and found to have recently been a momma, likely abandoned only weeks after having puppies. She is roughly 10 lbs underweight at 42 lbs, suffers from a flea allergy and entropian meaning her eyelid on her left eye is turned inward causing an infection from her eyelashes rubbing on her cornea. This condition requires surgery.

SPCA investigator and NFPD are working on tips leading to Cadence's owner.

Check back with us for updates on sweet Cadence!