Niagara County SPCA

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Niagara County SPCA

          A No-Kill Animal Shelter in Niagara Falls, NY

Vision Statement

To create a more humane and responsible community by decreasing tolerance for animal cruelty while increasing compassion. To provide every companion animal in need with exceptional, compassionate care using innovative medical and enrichment solutions while giving temporary shelter until they all have a safe, loving home. To advocate for their welfare through public education and outreach, insuring freedom from neglect, abuse and exploitation. To continue our commitment to reducing pet overpopulation though an expanded spay/neuter program. We remain guided by humane, moral principles and a no-kill philosophy.


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Pet Cemetery

Your pet has provided you with years of dedicated friendship and love. When the time comes to say goodbye to your best friend, the Niagara County SPCA is here to assist. Located on the grounds of the Shelter and under the watchful eye of a statue of St. Francis, is the perfect place for your best friend to begin their journey over the Rainbow Bridge, a place where they will be forever memorialized for the wonderful life that you have given them, and a place where they will never be forgotten.

Our pet mausoleum is a solemn final resting place in which your pet’s ashes can be placed. The outside of each columbarium contains a plaque which you can customize with an inscription of your choice.

We invite you to stop by the Shelter to visit the Cemetery at any time. For more information or to make arrangements for the placement of your pet’s ashes, please contact the shelter at 731-4368.

Our Mission Statement 

To prevent cruelty to all animals through public education on their humane treatment and to provide love, care, shelter and advocacy for companion animals in our community. We are committed to a no-kill philosophy, embracing the practices of rehabilitating, fostering and rehoming companion animals in need and to preventing their overpopulation through community outreach.