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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and although the day can bring feelings of nostalgia and love for humans, it can mean real trouble for Fido. Many of us will receive heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate covered candies or bars of rich, dark chocolate which could be deadly if consumed by your dog. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which, if eaten in large enough quantities, can be toxic to dogs. Different types of chocolate contain varying amounts of theobromine. Dark chocolate baking squares have the highest concentration of the chemical. A toxic dose for a large breed dog can be as little as 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate whereas the same dog would have to eat almost three pounds of milk chocolate to receive a lethal dose. Unfortunately, many dogs like chocolate just as much as we do.

If your dog consumes any amount of chocolate, you should call your veterinarian right away. Signs of ingestion can include diarrhea, vomiting, and pancreatitis.

So, it is ok to give your significant other a big box of chocolate for Valentine's Day, but make sure to keep it out of reach of the dog!

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