It's Transformation Tuesday and today's transformation pup is Teddy. Teddy was surrendered to our shelter by his owner when he collapsed in his yard. The owner reported that Teddy was bleeding from the rectum and concluded that he must have gotten into rat poison. Upon examination, he was found to be INFESTED with fleas and he had hematuria- blood in his urine. Teddy did not get into rat poison, but was so anemic from being eaten alive by fleas that he no longer had the energy to even move. Teddy spent a weekend at the emergency vet and although still weak when he came back to us, he was beginning to recover.

Today Teddy has a skip in his step and is giving the staff a run for their money! The first photo of Teddy is on intake when he was lateral and couldn't even pick his head up. The second photo of Teddy is recent looking much more healthy with an abundance of energy.

You make stories like Teddy's possible. Without our donors, volunteers, adopters and supporters we could not do we do!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Transformation Tuesday