Paws on the Street: Inside Forever Homes

A look inside the lives of adopted shelter pets.

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Paws on the Street; Inside Forever Homes.
Changing lives- one adoption at a time.

Have you ever wondered what life is like for pets once they've been adopted? Maybe you had a favorite animal at the Niagara SPCA or you had been watching and waiting for that one longer term resident to be adopted. Well, now is your opportunity to catch up on life after adoption! Check back weekly for new videos on Tiktok, Youtube or Facebook.

Have you recently adopted a pet from the Niagara SPCA? Maybe you've invited a furry, scaley or feathery new companion into your life?

We'd love to spotlight your adopted pet in a video! If you're willing to invite us into your home to do a feature story on your pet, please email Liz Marshall at If you're camera shy, no worries! Send us video or pictures of your pet along with an update and we'll write a pupdate (or catdate or geckodate) on your adopted pet!

Check out Darby's video below!

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Paws on the Street: Inside Forever Homes