The little shelter that could

2016 Ambassador letter:

As you know, since the Niagara County SPCA became a No Kill Shelter, we have 

impacted and saved many lives.  What you may not know is how busy we have

been with other animal-related endeavors. For instance, we have prosecuted

animal abusers, rescued animals from hoarding situations, brought humane

education to schoolchildren, partnered with other local rescues in an effort to

address the community cat population and worked with veterans through the

Dog Tags NY Program.  We have also found wonderful, loving homes for orphaned

animals like Mowgli pictured below and surrendered animals like Meeko pictured

above, healed the sick, tended to the wounded and reunited families.  And all of this

while ensuring those animals in our care were fed, housed, walked and loved.

In order to accomplish everything, we have created campaigns, held fundraisers, generated mailings and recruited volunteers.  You could say we’ve been busy!

One of our most well-received campaigns is something we originated in 2014 – our Ambassadors’ Program. Through this endeavor, those who care deeply about animals that have fallen on hard times can lend them a helping hand on a monthly basis.  Some of you have been members since the program’s conception, and we thank you for that!  To those of you who are new to our shelter and this campaign, we say, it would be an honor to have you in our Ambassadors’ Program!  Please see the levels of support we offer below for further information. 

We greatly value all of you and what you make possible for our babies. We are well aware you can go anywhere with your kindness.  All of us at the shelter are truly grateful you have chosen us!  Please know that every penny we collect will be utilized to make the lives of those animals down on their luck brighter and more secure.

Basic Level Ambassador $60 annually/$5 monthly                                 
-Annual newsletter
-SPCA Bumper sticker

 Samarium Ambassador $120 annually/$10 monthly
-All of the above
-Special members’ only perks

 Silver Ambassadorship $240/$20 monthly
-All of the above
-SPCA Ambassador T-shirt

 Gold Ambassador $300/$25 monthly
-All of the above
-Certificate for free spay or neuter of cat or small dog

Get a printable version of the Ambassador letter to mail in with your donation here.

Platinum Ambassador $600/$50 monthly
-All of the above
-Your name on our Ambassadors’ Plaque in our lobby

 Chairman’s Club Ambassador $1,200/$100 monthly
-All of the above
-Kennel named after sponsor for one year

 President’s Club Ambassador $2,400/$200 monthly
-All of the above
-Section of shelter named after sponsor for one year