The little shelter that could

This story is typical; one that happens every day at the Niagara County SPCA: animals are socialized, behavior is modified, positive associations are created and we watch animals go to wonderful new homes.

Dog Tags New York

​Pairing Veterans and Shelter Dogs

Veterans face many difficulties returning from deployment.  Among the issues

plaguing our warriors are anxiety, depression, isolation, and anger. It has been

found that the simplest of rudders to calm this raging sea of emotions is often

the unconditional and ever present trust of an animal. 

The healing process of our program is two-fold: the Veteran finds comfort in the

quiet, non judgmental nature of animals and the animal seeks solace and love

during his or her own time of turmoil.

Veterans and animals come together at the shelter and walk out from behind the

shadows side-by-side having found a friend in one another.

Two minds. Two hearts. One Mission: to help each other overcome adversity.

Operation Diamond

Diamond lived in a bad situation where the man in her life was not so nice to her or

her female owner. She was removed from that situation by a kind couple, but they

decided because of their busy schedules, they would try to rehome her. Diamond

came to the Niagara SPCA where the shelter staff and the veterans from Dog Tags

immediately went to work. Because of her previous situation, Diamond was nervous

to be around men so we began socializing her and making sure every experience she

had was a positive one.

Today she lives with a family and is happy to see EVERYONE she meets!


What We Stand For.


·The logo is deep in symbolism: The red in the banner symbolizes our passion and our commitment to the program.

·The yellow on the shield is for hope and peace.

·The paw print on the soldier’s helmet is purple for Niagara University because without their support , we would not be here.

·The paw is a heart symbolizing our love for all animals.

·The Pit bull was selected because pit bulls are like returning Veterans: misunderstood, stigmatized; at times not such good things happen to them. They are also loyal; you can have no greater friend or no worse enemy.

·The dog is looking to the soldier for reassurance.

·His ears are back, wanting to trust but not quite sure yet.

·His stare is empty; waiting for his gaze to be interrupted by someone who cares enough to take him home.

·The dog tags are for all who have served.


Who Founded the Program?

A couple of veterans. A couple of civilian volunteers identifying a need and wanting to help one animal at a time, one veteran at a time.

How YOU can help.

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Volunteer! Even if you are not a veteran, we are accepting applications for new volunteers.